Classis Hamilton

To be used by God to renew the greater Hamilton region through a gospel movement of healthy and vibrant churches, ministries and members.


Classis Hamilton provides information relating to its own programs and activities below. In addition you will find helpful information for local churches.

Classis Information and Resources:

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Rules of Procedure

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Classis By-law

What is Classis? Find out

Serving as a delegate to Synod 2018 - Video

Journey 2020 - Implication for Discipleship
at the classis level based on the four lenses in What is Classis

Classis Hamilton Candidacy Committee: Policies and Procedures

Local Church Resources:
Church By-law Template
For Letters of Call and Transfer a Ministers to another classis click here and look under Forms.
Template for an Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (OADA) policy. For additional OADA information click here.
Information about workplace sexual harassment under Ontario Bill 132 can be found here.
For the Ministers Compensation Survey click here.
For a list of ordained ministers or persons licensed to exhort, also sometimes referred to as Pulpit Supply, click here.
Vacant churches have access to pulpit supply in accordance with these guidelines.
For Clergy Mental Health Assistance, see this information.
Safe Church Team Presentation - October 1, 2018 re: abuse prevention.
Safe Church Abuse Prevention Newsletter click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. 1. Gifts from other Charities
Q. 2. Receipting the Correct Donor
Q. 3. Using Designated Gifts
Q. 4. Overcoming Restrictions on Designated Gifts

Q. 5. Receipting Volunteer Services Provided to the Church
Q. 6. Conflict of Interest Situations for Church Leadership (Directors) also see CCCC Article
Q. 7. The Meaning of "Arm's Length" Relationship
Q. 8. Penalties if Conflict of Interest Is Determined with Directors

Q. 9. Distinguishing Between Directors and Church Council
Q. 10  Tax and Other Concerns for Refugee Sponsorship
Q. 11.
Restrictions Preventing Someone from Serving the Church as a Director
Q. 12. Facility Rental Policy
Q. 13. Short Term Mission Trip Liability Guidelines

Q. 14. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Including Churches